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This page is created and maintained by schniggie with help from all #kaeferjaegers


  • cdn-ranges: Lists of IP ranges used by CDNs (Cloudflare, Akamai, Incapsula, Fastly, etc). Updated every 60 minutes. Source: Github
  • ip-ranges: Lists of IP ranges from: Google (Cloud & GoogleBot), Bing (Bingbot), Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Oracle (Cloud) and DigitalOcean. Updated every 6 hours. Source: Github
  • mdec: Explore multiple decompilers and compare their output with minimal effort. Upload binary, get decompilation. Access restricted to #kaeferjaegers. Source: Github
  • sni-ip-ranges: Lists of CN/SANs of all ip-ranges. Updated daily. Live View:
  • 302 Forwarder: 302 Forwarder that uses everything before as host part in Location-Header, Path is also added in the forwarded URL. Also allows file:// location redirects. Source: Github
  • DNS Rebinder: instance at Source: Github
  • certmitm: A tool for testing for certificate validation vulnerabilities of TLS connections made by a client device or an application. Source: Github. MITM Logs: / Live View:


  • 14/10/2023: Added certmitm (source Github)
  • 12/08/2023: Updated cdn-ranges (source Github)
  • 05/08/2023: Fixed 302 Forwarder (source Github)
  • 09/06/2022: Added (source Github)
  • 03/04/2022: Added 302 Forwarder
  • 15/03/2022: Added sni-ip-ranges
  • 14/03/2022: Added mdec (source Github)
  • 13/03/2022: Added ip-ranges (source Github)
  • 12/03/2022: Added cdn-ranges (source Github)


Name Bio References
schniggie Real bad at BBH but does other cool stuff :)
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foulenzer Security Analyst by day, Lord and Savior by night
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c1sc0 Newcomer to BBH, Pentester by Profession
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rootkid I am the Klaus Kinski of IT security.
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c1phy IT Sec Enthusiast / Blue & Red Teamer
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Some of the guys also want to stay hidden, so this table is not be intended to be complete at all ;)


Year Date Location Video
2020 Oct 23-25 Mannheim First German Live Hacking Event (Kaeferjaeger Style)
2021 Oct 15-17 Bonn 2nd German Live Hacking Event (#KAEFERJAEGER)!
2022 Aug 12-14 Göttingen -
2023 September Göttingen -


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